The Scrap Drive program is open to all registered non-profit groups in the United States, including Puerto Rico, and Canada. We particularly like to support activities that help kids and the environment.

Apply now

Once you have submitted your online application, you will hear back from us within 30 days. If you are approved, your next step is to download our Scrap Drive toolkit. Each Scrap Drive lasts for 30 days, although this period can be extended with permission from the Scrap Drive coordinator in your area. During your Scrap Drive, members of your group will collect bits and pieces of scrap metal from family, friends and neighbours, and bring them to any Schnitzer metals recycling centre. To find the location nearest you, contact us.

Each time you drop off a load of metal to one of our metal recycling centers, make sure to mention the name of your non-profit organization. Your load will be recorded in our computer system, and a cheque for the total amount of metal dropped of by your group will be generated at the end of the 30-day fundraising period.

We pay prices normally reserved for higher volume accounts for all of the metal that you bring to us, calculated according to that day’s ferrous and nonferrous rates. Contact us for more information, or if you need your metal picked up. We charge a small fee for pick up that may be waived for larger loads.

If your Scrap Drive is going to focus primarily on collecting scrap cars, you’ll want to take advantage of the potential for a higher value by getting in touch with us so we can connect you with your nearest Pick-n-Pull. If Pick-n-Pull can re-sell some of the parts from an old car, then they will pay more than the basic scrap rate – to the benefit of your Scrap Drive! Plus Pick-n-Pull is often able to pick up the scrap car, making it easier for you.

The only catch is that the owner of the scrapped car has to donate the money they get from Pick-n-Pull directly to your non-profit group. Pick-n-Pull stores are not able to do this on behalf of the owner due to legalities around the transfer of vehicle ownership. For more information about Pick-n-Pull call 1-866-520-9750. Pick-n-Pull is a subsidiary of Schnitzer.