The Scrap Drive toolkit contains all of the materials your groups needs to launch your fundraising program:
  • A flyer template about the Scrap Drive program that can be updated to include information about your organization, and then handed out in your local community
  • An ad template that can be inserted into local newspapers
  • Instructions for using the flyer and ad templates
  • A Scrap Drive booklet that can be distributed electronically to spread the word about your Scrap Drive
  • Buttons that identify members of your group as part of the Scrap Drive team
  • Recycled magnets (from refrigerators) to help you identify nonferrous metal (metal that contains no iron, and is worth more)

If you are having problems downloading any of these materials, or need help using them, please
contact us.

  • Flyer (interactive PDF, 319Kb)*
  • Ad (interactive PDF, 521Kb) *
  • ScrapBook (PDF 504Kb)
  • 10 tips for a successful Scrap Drive (PDF 10.6Mb)
  • Spring Cleaning Flyer (PDF 193Kb)
  • Postcard (2.1Mb) - This file can be sent to your local printer for printing small runs. If you wish to do a large mail-out of this postcard, contact for the mail merge version of this postcard.
  •   Why do Scrap Drives use magnets? Scroll down for the answer.

* Note: The flyer and ad templates are modifiable PDFs. Only certain parts of these templates can be customized (to add in contact information and Scrap Drive dates). The templates themselves (layout, font, colour) must not be modified.

Did you know? Scrap metal is divided into two types: ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metal contains iron, and is used to make things like cars, household appliances, steel beams, garden tools, nuts and bolts, cast iron pans, and food tins. All ferrous metals are magnetic and rust/corrode easily.

Nonferrous metal does not contain iron. Examples are aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and tin. Nonferrous metals are not magnetic, and are generally resistant to rust/corrosion.

Nonferrous metal is usually much more valuable than ferrous (sometimes 10, 25 or 50 times as much!), so it really pays to use a magnet when you are hunting for scrap!