It pays to keep it in use.

Raising funds for your community group? Now there’s a fantastic way to make money and help our planet.

Schnitzer will pay your non-profit organization pricing normally reserved for higher volume accounts for every load of old nails and screws, broken stoves, rusted lawnmowers, dented kitchen sinks, little bits of copper plumbing, brass light fixtures, old vehicles and other kinds of metal that you bring to any of our 58 locations throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico, and Western Canada. To find the location nearest you, contact us.

Over the course of your month-long Scrap Drive, these little bits of metal can add up to some serious cash. Some groups have raised thousands of dollars during their Scrap Drive! Read their success stories.

These metal scraps also add up to a big win for the environment. By keeping even the smallest piece of metal ‘in play’ and out of the landfill, together we reduce pollution from mining and processing virgin minerals, reduce the need to extract resources from the earth, save huge amounts of energy used to process raw minerals, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve resources for the future.

To give you an idea of how easy it is to collect a decent volume of metal, the following list adds up to approximately 300 pounds. To get a sense of the value of this metal, read these non-profit success stories. Metal items: 6 car rims (aluminum), 2 double kitchen sinks (stainless steel), 20 feet of plumbing pipe (copper), 4 screen doors (aluminum), 8 bathroom taps (yellow brass), 20 pounds of old screws and nails.